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Whatever your financial situation is today, you can change it. We can help you fix your specific credit situation and give you the lifelong tools you need to build and sustain a strong credit score. Let’s get started today. Fill out the form below to sign up for one-on-one counseling session. 

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Why do we need your Social Security Number?
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We need your Social Security Number in order to pull your credit report. We never share information with any third parties. The information you provide is encrypted and not stored on our website. After you register with us, our counselors are only able to see the last four digits of your social security number.

You consent to signing the Participant Agreement electronically and to have a record of the executed Agreement sent to you electronically. This consent relates solely to the Participant Agreement. To access a copy of the executed Agreement, you will need to have internet access, a computer or other device that allows you to connect to the Internet, and a software program like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Drive or another type of PDF reader to open the document. If you would like to withdraw consent, update your information, obtain a paper copy (at no cost), or otherwise need assistance, please contact us at 773-275-0900 or